Apple iOS 7 : Everything you need to know

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Apple’s new flagship mobile operating system is here, with entire redesign leaving skeuomorphic designs behind, replacing with Jony Ive’s “Flat Design” . Significant change in six year old operating system.

Are you ready for Apple iOS 7 :

Total Redesign:

  1. iOS 7 using new font. It sounds like Helvetica Neue Ultra which is very clean and skinny.
  2. The most aspirated lock screen has been changed dramatically for the first time in iOS history with more bottom bars for slide to unlock. The button is also translucent with the background image.
  3. Icons, Notification panel are now more flatter with hundreds of new API’s.
  4. Lot of white colour is used in the stock apps except weather app. The changes also seemed to be followed with updates to keyboard with more white and translucency effect.

new features in apple's new mobile operating system

New Features in iOS 7 :

Multitasking:  Now you can double tap the home button to enter multi-tasking mode. The user interface has been revamped.

AirDrop: Now you can share sharesheets with other people just by tapping people from your contacts where no need of NFC at all but only the latest generation Apple devices will support that.

Control Centre : Here’s the entire new feature that’s coming with iOS 7. The Control Centre where you can adjust brightness, volume and other settings like WiFi, Rotation and Bluetooth. It is also available via Lock screen and now it’s been easy to turning options ON/OFF like flash light and camera.

SIRI : Siri has a new voice! Now with male or female voice including Languages like French, German. Like overall OS redesign the visual UI has also been upgraded. SIRI is also been integrated with settings to turn your Bluetooth on and managing screen brightness. It has also added support for Wikipedia and Bing.

Core Apps Updated: Mailbox and Calender app now has new flat UI choice. Calender app now provides a new default view and with a feed of your events happening right now.

ios7 notification centre , multitasking

iOS 7 full release this fall, already available for Devs .

apple copying android

The company claiming itself river of innovation. Is the redesigned thing happened to new OS is actually based on the innovation ? Or stealing ideas from competitors and little startups is what so called Redesign. I am looking forward to what other industry leaders been saying this week and that made me to conclude that Apple really stolen some percent X-factor of Windows with flat UI, multitasking and control centre inspiring from Android and some effects from Linux Mobile OS.

So Is iOS 7 has become Android ! or it’s entire idea of what Android is ?


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