Apple OS X Mavericks Features Overview

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Apple’s previous operating systems being named like Leopard, Panther and Mountain Lion for it’s nine updates. Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering said, “We don’t want to be the first development team to be delayed by the lack of big cats.” That’s why company switching to new naming scheme based on locations in California.

The first name corresponding with those location, OS X- Mavericks, The name of the OS which is based on surfing location in Northern California is now with over 200 new features coming this fall.

Apple OS X Mavericks features overview

OS X Mavericks Multiple Display Support :

Now Mavericks supports menus and docks on multiple displays eliminating problems from previous versions. Now it’s been easy to swipe between desktops, drastic change in handling of Mission Control, upgrades to Airplay where, you can also connect Apple HDTV to act as a display.

apple multiple display

OS X System Tabs and Tabbed Finder :

Finder tabs allows you to merge multiple windows into one single window and almost identical to tabs in Google Chrome. You can switch along tab to tab and can view multiple folder and tabs. In Apple’s latest OS, you can tag the files where you can use them to sort out files into different aspects which is also useful for searching specific file for specific term.

apple features

Tweaks :

OS X now includes CPU management tools which reduces CPU usage by 72%. OS X Mavericks now built to utilize and compress inactive memory which improves battery life and wakeup time by 1.5x times.

Safari Update with iCloud Keychain, Improved JavaScript Performance :

The new Safari will feature new Power Nap feature which will reduce the browser’s power consumption. It’s also going to have a sidebar which will give you access to the bookmarks and the reading list.

improved safari browser


OS X Mavericks Availability :

It’s going to be available to developers today with official device release coming this fall and today at  WWDC 2013 keynote there is no word on pricing.

os x mavericks enhancements

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