Facebook trying to buy What’s app

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The recent popular news over the internet that was about what’s app. Facebook was actually going to buy what’s app because of their large number of mobile reach. Every techie knew that this may happen as Facebook purchased instagram and integrated with Facebook so what about what’s app? Everyone was just sat back to see the growth of Facebook with what’s app.

May be the news was false or may be the process was incomplete. I am a blogger so I can’t define you what exactly happened but there are possibilities of what was going to happen. As you might know what’s app is most popular mobile messenger ever created on this earth (Yes it is). But Facebook is the biggest in social arena and it wants to replace this what’s app thing with their mobile apps.

Consider you just likely to live with your circles only rather that connecting to browser and many sniffy services. What’s app– Where you can send pictures (replaces photo sharing app), videos (OMG) , locations (replaces foursquare) , possibly can share contacts , insert variety of smileys without much problem at all.

As compared to FB where they are driving over the world but development rate slows down in terms of on the way devices and that are mobiles. Yes there is FB messaging app but do you think it is as rock star as what’s app in terms of messaging ? The answer is NO. And no doubt about that. Actually the initial response for the FB messenger app was great but after all it was flop. Time makes the difference.

Facebook trying to buy What's app 1

However there are many messaging apps like BBM, iMessage , Chat on but what’s app is cross platform excepting Java. (Hahaha Java mobiles still exists)

Facebook trying to buy What's app 2

What’s app is crossing 10mn messages  a day. (May be a big thread to giant Facebook  As Facebook has billions of people but something is missing and that is grab of mobile targeting. But lack of app from  Facebook. what’s app is going ahead. Whereas FB has much larger potential to make change.

Keeping with today’s trend your all friends , sharing locations , relationships , account , businesses are on your Facebook account whereas what’s app is well for simplicity and best on the way messaging app. And that’s where FACEBOOK beats WHAT’S APP. Stay with trend but keep in mind things change pretty quiet in Tech area.

I think Zuckerberg was planning to drive 10mn user database of what’s app to his company.

Facebook trying to buy What’s app
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