Google updated its Terms of Service : To use your online activity for Advertisements

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Nowadays, Google is the most important part of our life and. Doing any change in the terms of service is important. Google on Friday announced an update to it’s terms of service that shows how it might use your online activity in advertisement across the network.

Google updated its Terms of Service : What it means

If you have Google account or plus ones or review you write might be used for advertisement for the business you endorsed. The ads have been dubbed shared endorsements and will be displayed to people in your social circle and with the people you have opted to share information like +1′s. If you don’t want Google using your information, you can opt out by navigating to the shared endorsement setting.

According to Google, “When it comes to shared endorsements in ads, you can control the use of your Profile name and photo via the Shared Endorsements setting. If you turn the setting to “off,” your Profile name and photo will not show up on that ad for your favorite bakery or any other ads. This setting only applies to use in ads, and doesn’t change whether your Profile name or photo may be used in other places such as Google Play.Anyone you give your login details to could use them to access your Google Account and the stuff you store with Google. If we see something out of the ordinary (such as if we notice failed attempts to login to your account, or two logins to your account within a short time frame, but from computers located very far away from each other) you may see an unusual activity alert.” It will be asking users to add the two-step verification for further security.”

Google shared endorsement settings

Facebook caused outrage with a two separate similar cases in the last few years. First it changed the terms of service for the social networking site itself, at the time claiming that all content posted belonged to the company not the user. And then it tried to enforce new conditions for its Instagram arm, which would have potentially allowed the firm to sell users’ images to advertisers without further permission.

If you leave the mode switched on, you could find yourself popping up in adverts on Google Sites and across the web. For example, if you gave 5 star to a hotel in your city , it might appear in an advert for hotel you checked in.

Google updated its Terms of Service

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