Install Mac OS X on PC : Step by step guide

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It is possible to take small chunk of  Mac experience to the PC. Thanks to the hackers. The experience will not be the unique and something Cupertino giant doesn’t like. Installing an operating system on hardware not originally designed for it is a tricky process. Apple is famous for building experiences around tightly integrated hardware and software, so problems are bound to crop up when trying to run OS X on unfamiliar components.

Since two weeks my mind is lost into building a hackintosh. And the process is quiet hard to work on. If you are looking for some hardcore guide then checkout Tonymacx86 where you will find everything about the Hackintosh.  I bet on this that you are not going to succeed on first try. I have tried 3days to make iBoot work on my PC where I didn’t have the option for AHCI. Ohh, sorry I am revealing before telling you the extract. This post is all about installing Mac OS x on PC where I am trying to make the entire process simplified.

Mac OS X on PC :-

Requirements :-

Mac OS X Snow Leopard retail DVD (costs about 20$ which is not that hard),  Blank CD and a PC with good hardware like it’s processor should be at least dual core so as to run it. I am asking you to go with older version so you don’t need another Mac to build your own hackintosh.

Boot Disk :-

First of all you need a disk to help you to get into the installation menu of Mac OS X.  To get job done I am using iBoot.

BIOS configuration:-

Now you have to configure your BIOS so as to get into iBoot interface to proceed with retail DVD of Mac OS x Snow Leapord. When you first turn on or reboot the machine, press the delete key to enter the BIOS setup. (To enter into BIOS setup your motherboard might have different key like f2 or f12 whatever. Checkout your motherboard information).

Now you need to change some of the settings between Advanced BIOS Features, Integrated Peripherals, and Power Management Setup.

Mac on PC

Go to Advanced BIOS feature and set first boot device to CD ROM. USB as second and Hard Drive as third. You can change the preference if you are trying to install with USB stick.


Now go to the integrated priferals menu and set SATA to run on AHCI mode. Remember to set bot PCH SATA Control Mode and Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode to AHCI.

building a hackingtosh

Now go to Power Management option and set HPET Mode to 64-bit mode.

Apple on pc

Install Mac OS X :-

  1. Insert the iBoot boot disk.
  2. Wait for some time to screen to come up.
  3. iboot
  4. Insert the retail DVD of Mac OS X Snow Leapord as told in requirements.
  5. Press F5 so to detect the DVD.
  6. os-x-install-selection
  7. Select your langurage and click proceed.
  8. Go to Utilities>>Disk Utility.
  9. Create Partition.
  10. Select Mac OS X Extended Journaled
  11. Mac OS X partition
  12. Go to options.
  13. Select GUID partition table.
  14. Quit the utility and proceed with the installation.

Boot Loader :-

Don’t become so confused after getting error while rebooting the computer. Where you need to boot it with the iBoot CD. Again you will see the partitions and there also will be a drive where you have installed Mac OS X. Select that partition and hit enter. I know you don’t want to boot like this always and tonymacx86 do have solution for it.

Download Multibeast. And launch the program. Select the options as shown in the image below.

multibeast tonymacx86

Now you will be able to boot your computer without the iBoot CD.

That’s it. Enjoy Mac OS X on your PC.

But if something goes wrong or you want some extra information on this freaking work I am giving you some of the important links to work with.

Disclaimer: Please note that running Mac OS X Snow Leopard on hardware other than a Macintosh is against the Mac OS X End User License Agreement (EULA). If you have concerns about this, you may wish to read Is Making Your Own Hackintosh Legal? By installing Mac OS X you are in breach of a contract (breaking a contract is not the same as breaking the law). As long as you own a legal copy of the software, you are not in violation of copyright law.
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